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Our team performs a cost segregation study on your Real Estate to increase your depreciation and defer your taxes this year, all for one affordable price.

How does the Cost Segregation process work?

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We do a comprehensive walk-through. This will help us find you additional tax benefits. If you prefer we do a virtual visit through Facetime, we are set up to handle that as well. Our experienced cost segregation professionals have walked thousands of properties that allows us to leave no stone unturned.

We send you final report

After our walkthrough, we send you and your CPA a final report within 72 hours, which highlights the total depreciation expense for the property and include an itemized detail of each building component.

Reduce your taxes

What's the benefit to me?

Over 17 years, we have saved our clients over $2 Billion in taxes.

Straight-line Depreciation.
Most people use straight line depreciation. Which means they depreciate the value of their property by 27.5 years. If you have a $10M property, that results in ~$360k per year in depreciation.
Cost Segregation.
Instead, we itemize every part of your property. Roofs, Windows, Doors, etc. And apply a useful life (not just a broad 27.5 years) to each item. This results in a higher depreciation amount. As an example, we may increase that depreciation to $2.8M in year one. This results in a much larger tax defferal to you.
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Most Real Estate property qualifies

Does my Property qualify for Cost Segregation?

Excluding your primary residence, most real estate that was built after 1986 qualifies for Depreciation. Below are some of the most common types of Real Estate that qualify.

  • Apartment icons


  • Self Storage icons

    Self storage

  • Retail icons


  • Gas Station icons

    Gas Stations

  • Gas Station icons


  • Industrial icons

    Industrial Warehouses

  • Hotel icons

    Hotels / Motels

  • Hotel icons

    Short-term Rentals

  • Restaurant icons


  • Assisted Living icons

    Senior Housing

  • Car Wash icons

    Car Wash

  • Golf Field icons

    Golf Course

  • Mobile Home Park icons

    Mobile Home park

  • Fitness Center icons

    Fitness Center

  • Pharmacy icons

    Medical Office

Audit Proof

What's the catch?

No catch. Section 1245 of the IRS Tax code states that property, equipment, furniture, and fixtures are eligibile for cost segregation studies.

Cost Segregation is for anyone who wants to reduce their taxable income. It was implemented in TKTK through the JOBS act in order to provider additional tax benefits for Real Estate owners and investors.

However, cost segregation likely shouldn't be used for people who are planning to sell their property within the next 12 months.

This is because of depreciation recapture. Cost segregation is a way to defer taxes, not fully eliminate them. When you sell your property, the depreciation you took in prior years, gets "added back" to the sales price. However, you can typically offset these gains by taking depreciation on another property.

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“Had a great time connecting with Wes Mabry earlier this week and walking some of our properties. Terrific guy & knows his stuff. Highly Recommend for anyone looking for a cost seg study. If you think your stuff is too small, have him take a look anyway.”

Michael DeLaney

“Wes handles all of our cost segregation studies and is an absolute professional. Highly recommend using him for your properties!”

Jeffrey Rasco

“Asked Wes for a 2nd opinion on cost segregation years ago and have been using him ever since. Works fast, detailed, and knows his stuff! ”

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“We use 1245 Consulting for all of our cost segregation studies on our properties. Saved us tens of thousands in taxes and charge a fair price.”

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